Working on Sunday

Here I am, working on a glorious Sunday. The skies are blue which means I should be doing one of the following things
Riding my bike
Eating IIM Maggie
Checking out good food somewhere
Having picnic with some one.

But, what’s this…
Here I am in office working….

Ravi - Working on Sunday

Ravi - Working on Sunday

Well, another beautiful Sunday down the drain… Gosh! I really hate working on holidays. But such is fate (or my job rather)… Anyway, I was not about to let go so easily…
So after I met my team members in the morning and wrapped up the pep talks by noon, I slowly set off for home… to finish my freelancers work. But the beautiful sidewalks of Ahmedabad lured me int a walk which later turned to a totally aimless amble… The city is really awesome and before I knew it, there I was in front of CCD. And it suddenly started to drizzle, the perfect icing on the coke.

So here I am, sipping a hot cuppa at my favorite haunt in Ahmedabad, part working… part blogging.

Hoping to finish off a good chunk of work before my roomie (who also ended up working today) turns up.. Planning to go watch The Three Musketeers! in the evening.. really need to destress myself…


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