Behind company names

NIIT : Not Interested in IT

WIPRO : Weak Input, Poor & Rubbish Output

HCL : Hidden Costs & Losses

TCS : Totally Confusing Solutions

INFOSYS : Inferior Offline Systems

HUGHES : Highly Useless Graduates Hired for Eating and Sleeping

BAAN : Beggars Association and Nerds

IBM : Implicitly Boring Machines

SATYAM : Sad And Tired Yelling Away Madly

C-DOT : Coffee During Office Timings

AT&T : All Troubles & Terrible

CMC : Coffee, Meals and Comfort

DEC : Drifting & Exhausted Computers

ORACLE : Online Romance And Chatting with Lady Employees

PATNI: Pathetic Appraisal Techniques, No Increments


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