Facebook deleted photos are not permanently deleted

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The deleted photos on Facebook does not disappear from the server, but remain accessible to anyone with a simple link to the page that contains them. Yet another privacy scandal of the most popular social network in the world was discovered by a journalist and then accepted by the same group of Mark Zuckerberg, who has confirmed that its systems ‘does not always delete the images in a reasonable period of time’.

The news was welcomed as a shock to users who trusted the delete function to remove their photos embarrassing. Deleted pictures, however, are no longer present by the normal viewing of the site (by logging on profile or page of photos of a user) but remain visible typing the direct link.

Facebook Privacy Deleted Photos are not Completely Removed

Facebook Privacy Deleted Photos are not Completely Removed

This means that, for example, if the address is circulated via email, the image will still be viewable by anyone you click on it. Facebook has repeatedly promised to ‘solve’ the problems of this system is used to remove the photographs, but the issue continues to affect a significant percentage of images, some still present after three years.

The company says that the next system update will solve these problems, but in this case the deleted images remain available until 45 days after their removal. ‘We are working hard to move our picture storage to newer systems that will ensure a complete cancellation within 45 days of the removal request, ‘said a spokesman.’ The migration process will be completed within the next two months. ‘

But on other social networks where do our photos? The original study of Ars Tecnica, which first raised the issue, dating back to July 2009, he tested four social media as well as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Flickr. In addition to the site of Zuckerberg, the only one to fail the inspection, ie the only one who did not remove the photos immediately deleted from their servers, it was MySpace. As for the other sites, but users can rest easy.


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