Mera Parichay

Hi. So, you want to know something about me? Well, you know the name already…….What? You don’t? Well, pity.

Ok, now what can I tell about myself? I guess nothing…… OK, OK the name is Ravi Dhavlesha. I was born in Abu and that’s where I live. Presently, I m a candidate of B.Tech from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. I know a little bit of C, C++, C#, VB, Generally, I work with PHP and MySQL database. That’s says I am a web developer, that’s not the case, I am an application developer whether it may be web, system, mobile or anything else…….

As a part of leisure, I used to draw cartOOns…….and ride my byk……. =P

That’s pretty much of it……. Nothing interesting, really………… 🙂


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