Yahoo launches search app for smartphones

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Yahoo adds a new service to his research, as well as sites, images, videos and news from 8th of this month you can also search apps and games for smartphones . The service is now active only in the U.S. and we do not know if and when he arrives in Italy.

The interface is the same as for the other search pages, but in this case we have several filters, we can decide whether to search just the app for Android or iPhone, free or paid, and also limit your search to certain categories such as the only games for example.

Once you have found the app to our liking just one click to download it, the link will bring to the marketplace dedicated to download.


Facebook deleted photos are not permanently deleted

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The deleted photos on Facebook does not disappear from the server, but remain accessible to anyone with a simple link to the page that contains them. Yet another privacy scandal of the most popular social network in the world was discovered by a journalist and then accepted by the same group of Mark Zuckerberg, who has confirmed that its systems ‘does not always delete the images in a reasonable period of time’.

The news was welcomed as a shock to users who trusted the delete function to remove their photos embarrassing. Deleted pictures, however, are no longer present by the normal viewing of the site (by logging on profile or page of photos of a user) but remain visible typing the direct link.

Facebook Privacy Deleted Photos are not Completely Removed

Facebook Privacy Deleted Photos are not Completely Removed

This means that, for example, if the address is circulated via email, the image will still be viewable by anyone you click on it. Facebook has repeatedly promised to ‘solve’ the problems of this system is used to remove the photographs, but the issue continues to affect a significant percentage of images, some still present after three years.

The company says that the next system update will solve these problems, but in this case the deleted images remain available until 45 days after their removal. ‘We are working hard to move our picture storage to newer systems that will ensure a complete cancellation within 45 days of the removal request, ‘said a spokesman.’ The migration process will be completed within the next two months. ‘

But on other social networks where do our photos? The original study of Ars Tecnica, which first raised the issue, dating back to July 2009, he tested four social media as well as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Flickr. In addition to the site of Zuckerberg, the only one to fail the inspection, ie the only one who did not remove the photos immediately deleted from their servers, it was MySpace. As for the other sites, but users can rest easy.

Facebook send button

After successful completion of one year of facebook like button, which has just brought revolution in the web world, facebook has launched facebook Send button trough which you can share link in private. Facebook send button is highly similar to facebook like button the main difference is that when you like any link you dont have any kind of privacy control over it . It gets shared on your wall and every friend of you can see it where as in when you click on facebook send button an pop menu appears showing option with whom you wanna share the link. You can check out below for it.

Facebook like button had been implemented by lakh’s of website as it was installable with ease and was highly comfortable. Facebook has done the same with the facebook send button , it can be implemented on any website with ease and keeps the same comfort level which facebook like has.

Facebook has introduced the facebook send code in facebook developers spot. You can get it from there and can implement on your website with ease. Popularity of facebook send button is guaranteed to be same as that of facebook like , as its quite similar with an extended level of privacy.

Google is open for teens


Google’s social networking site, Google+ is now officially opened for an even wider audience – teenagers. Up until now, a person had to be 18 years old to join on Google+ social network. This step apparently to play catch-up with Facebook, who needs its users to be 13 or older.

In a statement made recently, Google explained that Google+, which until now was solely available to those old 18 and above, will now have teenagers onboard, as well. The search giant confirms adding in some extra security features in place for its fresh set of audience. Although Google+ for Teens, will be pretty much like Google+ for Adults, there will be a several differences. Google+ for Teens will comprise a lot of in-product instruction, which will in its part do it job of “educating” a teen user what clicking a particular option will do, in addition to, some ‘conservative’ default options.

Here is a summary of tweaks to privacy that Google+ has made especially for the teens:

  • Teens notice a warning when they share with “Public” or “Extended Circles”
  • Teens wil be automatically muted if a stranger outside their circles joins a hangout
  • By default, only the people in teens’ circles can communicate with them and their posts

To help the new effort to bring teens and teen-focused content to Google+, they have introduced a Safety Center that parents should check with their teens before they start joining the service.

google+ for teens

google+ for teens

Google is spending quite a bit of money on marketing for the Google+, to conquer the social networking arena. Even though, it might be too late to catch up with Facebook when it comes to the younger crowd? I do think so. Facebook has a variety of apps and 800 million other folks to connect with, and I haven’t noticed a feature on Google+ yet that will draw that Facebook crowd away from it. While Hangouts could be a fun teen substitution for phone calls, it just doesn’t look like a service for youngsters. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Social Insanity

Social Networking: one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Or maybe not… Neil Armstrong might have uttered one of the most impactful lines in history when he first set foot on the moon, but what I am trying to explain here is the fact that it is now social networking in general that has taken over our lives.

You might not agree with this, but let me put across this one question. When you sit in front of your computer or laptop, what is the first thing you check? This was what I had put forth to my teenaged nephew and his group of friends a few weeks ago. And guess what! I was taken aback by a rather loud chorus of “Facebook!” along with a few quiet “Orkut” squeaks. Irrespective of whether it is Orkut, Facebook or even Hi5, the point is, we are all victims of social networking.

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How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

There was a time when everyone (i too) was using orkut instead of facebook. But it was a past I never logged on to Orkut since *** (i don’t know the exact time).
well, How Orkut’s enormous popularity was declined by facebook.It all boiled down to one killer feature that Facebook introduced. This seemingly game-changing feature was nothing but Facebook Wall feature, which was already present in Orkut as Scrap Book !!

How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

The reason, why Orkut clicked in India, after wooing the masses in Brazil, is the fact that both these countries are very similar in nature, especially the social culture, how people maintain their familial relations (Giving respect to elders, a liking for emotional TV soaps, undue interest in others’ affairs ; to name a few of them). But one thing that stood apart in Indian culture is We Indians are extremely interested in knowing what others are doing, did Roy broke up with his girl friend or not, how is SharmaG’s conventional family coping with their modern daughter-in-law et al. This was one of the biggest factor, which propelled Orkut’s enormous growth in Indian market. I still remember, one of the favourite timepasses used to be looking others’ (read babes’) Scrapbooks, see the conversation unfold and extrapolate the relationship. Continue reading

Get old Gmail from new Gmail

A few days ago Gmail changed its theme and provided its user’s the new look.
But a lot of people complaining me about this. So i found out the way to get the old gmail back.
Well, I founded the way the same day I moved to new gmail from old one (as i disliked it) but doesn’t thought that many peoples will dislike it.
So this are steps to get back to your lovely old gmail.

1. Go to mail home page
2. Click on the setting button (located near to paging above all displayed mails) Continue reading