Behind company names

NIIT : Not Interested in IT

WIPRO : Weak Input, Poor & Rubbish Output

HCL : Hidden Costs & Losses

TCS : Totally Confusing Solutions

INFOSYS : Inferior Offline Systems

HUGHES : Highly Useless Graduates Hired for Eating and Sleeping

BAAN : Beggars Association and Nerds

IBM : Implicitly Boring Machines

SATYAM : Sad And Tired Yelling Away Madly

C-DOT : Coffee During Office Timings

AT&T : All Troubles & Terrible

CMC : Coffee, Meals and Comfort

DEC : Drifting & Exhausted Computers

ORACLE : Online Romance And Chatting with Lady Employees

PATNI: Pathetic Appraisal Techniques, No Increments


Social Insanity

Social Networking: one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Or maybe not… Neil Armstrong might have uttered one of the most impactful lines in history when he first set foot on the moon, but what I am trying to explain here is the fact that it is now social networking in general that has taken over our lives.

You might not agree with this, but let me put across this one question. When you sit in front of your computer or laptop, what is the first thing you check? This was what I had put forth to my teenaged nephew and his group of friends a few weeks ago. And guess what! I was taken aback by a rather loud chorus of “Facebook!” along with a few quiet “Orkut” squeaks. Irrespective of whether it is Orkut, Facebook or even Hi5, the point is, we are all victims of social networking.

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How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

There was a time when everyone (i too) was using orkut instead of facebook. But it was a past I never logged on to Orkut since *** (i don’t know the exact time).
well, How Orkut’s enormous popularity was declined by facebook.It all boiled down to one killer feature that Facebook introduced. This seemingly game-changing feature was nothing but Facebook Wall feature, which was already present in Orkut as Scrap Book !!

How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

How Facebook eradicated Orkut from Indian Markets

The reason, why Orkut clicked in India, after wooing the masses in Brazil, is the fact that both these countries are very similar in nature, especially the social culture, how people maintain their familial relations (Giving respect to elders, a liking for emotional TV soaps, undue interest in others’ affairs ; to name a few of them). But one thing that stood apart in Indian culture is We Indians are extremely interested in knowing what others are doing, did Roy broke up with his girl friend or not, how is SharmaG’s conventional family coping with their modern daughter-in-law et al. This was one of the biggest factor, which propelled Orkut’s enormous growth in Indian market. I still remember, one of the favourite timepasses used to be looking others’ (read babes’) Scrapbooks, see the conversation unfold and extrapolate the relationship. Continue reading

Why India doesn’t need a Superman

Why India Doesn't need a Superman

Why India Doesn't need a Superman

Alright, Lois Lane! I humbly apologize for doing an Anu Malik on the title of your article in Superman Returns. I know it won’t fetch me a Pulitzer Prize but surely I can try for a Padmashri, eh?? =P

So lets see, is Superman really going to be helpful in India??

First and foremost, he would be busy protecting his Lois Lane from crooks, thugs, eve-teasers, rapists, drunk colleagues, likes of Pramod Muthalik and Shiv Sena. With all the hectic work, where will he find the time to protect the common citizen?

Secondly, he would have to change his costume a bit to suit the Indian conditions. I mean have you seen that underwear over pants? He would be slapped with charges of obscenity! And what about a mask?? Yes, a mask!! Assuming that he can fly all over the place and a crime can be committed anywhere, what if he has to fly over Dharavi or for that matter, a Municipal waste dumping ground. Surely he can breathe out cold air but can he breathe in those toxic gases?? And with the amount of pollution in our cities, surely he can’t do without it. Another change would be letting go of his garb. What if it gets entangled in so many electric wires all over the city and Superman gets electrocuted!! Hmm, would make quite a lot of headline.. (I can already imagine BREAKING NEWS flashing all over the news channels) Continue reading

Working on Sunday

Here I am, working on a glorious Sunday. The skies are blue which means I should be doing one of the following things
Riding my bike
Eating IIM Maggie
Checking out good food somewhere
Having picnic with some one.

But, what’s this…
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Living Independent

For all those who have always wanted to live ‘FREE’ (read it as ‘alone’), my one piece advice – don’t ever think of doing it, unless you can afford to get all your daily work done by some maid or domestic help. And it is not just about the daily work, but when it comes to living alone (and specially too far away from your home town), life starts to suck!

I always had a wish to live independent, somewhere far from my city, from all the people who surround me all the time. I used to think that would help me get close to myself and to get me tranquility. But all that is shit. A human being who has grown up in a city where silence means nothing and where ‘free time’ is just a theoretical concept, cannot afford to live alone and must never desire for things like tranquility, etc. Trust me, you will never find them. Continue reading