Google is open for teens


Google’s social networking site, Google+ is now officially opened for an even wider audience – teenagers. Up until now, a person had to be 18 years old to join on Google+ social network. This step apparently to play catch-up with Facebook, who needs its users to be 13 or older.

In a statement made recently, Google explained that Google+, which until now was solely available to those old 18 and above, will now have teenagers onboard, as well. The search giant confirms adding in some extra security features in place for its fresh set of audience. Although Google+ for Teens, will be pretty much like Google+ for Adults, there will be a several differences. Google+ for Teens will comprise a lot of in-product instruction, which will in its part do it job of “educating” a teen user what clicking a particular option will do, in addition to, some ‘conservative’ default options.

Here is a summary of tweaks to privacy that Google+ has made especially for the teens:

  • Teens notice a warning when they share with “Public” or “Extended Circles”
  • Teens wil be automatically muted if a stranger outside their circles joins a hangout
  • By default, only the people in teens’ circles can communicate with them and their posts

To help the new effort to bring teens and teen-focused content to Google+, they have introduced a Safety Center that parents should check with their teens before they start joining the service.

google+ for teens

google+ for teens

Google is spending quite a bit of money on marketing for the Google+, to conquer the social networking arena. Even though, it might be too late to catch up with Facebook when it comes to the younger crowd? I do think so. Facebook has a variety of apps and 800 million other folks to connect with, and I haven’t noticed a feature on Google+ yet that will draw that Facebook crowd away from it. While Hangouts could be a fun teen substitution for phone calls, it just doesn’t look like a service for youngsters. Let us know your views in the comments section below.