Facebook send button

After successful completion of one year of facebook like button, which has just brought revolution in the web world, facebook has launched facebook Send button trough which you can share link in private. Facebook send button is highly similar to facebook like button the main difference is that when you like any link you dont have any kind of privacy control over it . It gets shared on your wall and every friend of you can see it where as in when you click on facebook send button an pop menu appears showing option with whom you wanna share the link. You can check out below for it.

Facebook like button had been implemented by lakh’s of website as it was installable with ease and was highly comfortable. Facebook has done the same with the facebook send button , it can be implemented on any website with ease and keeps the same comfort level which facebook like has.

Facebook has introduced the facebook send code in facebook developers spot. You can get it from there and can implement on your website with ease. Popularity of facebook send button is guaranteed to be same as that of facebook like , as its quite similar with an extended level of privacy.