Import iTunes Music Playlists to Android, Sync iTunes with Android over WiFi

You can easily sync your iTunes Playlist to your android music list with a small piece of software and an android app. You can enjoy your music in iTunes on android. Not only music, the podcasts and videos from your iTunes library on your android device for free.

Double Twist for PC & Mac allows you to sync iTunes playlist with your Android device. Here you need to do two things, One is installing the Double twist on your PC or Mac. The next thing is installing the Double twist music player app on your android device.

Here the steps are easy. Follow the instructions below.

1. First install the Double twist app from the android market.

2. Open the app on your android, you can play music, create playlist, listen to podcasts, radio etc.

3. Now install the Double twist application on your Windows PC or Mac.

4. Once the installation is done, open the Double twist software on PC

5. It will automatically scan and import your iTunes library into the doubleTwist library.

6. To import your iTunes playlists, click on “Playlist Setup” in the left hand navigation bar. Then click on “Import” in the main navigation area.

7. Now you can see your iTunes playlist being imported.

8. Next step is connecting your phone to your computer. With the USB cable, connect your android phone to your computer.

9. Turn on the USB Storage.

10. After this, you should see that the Double twist software on your PC should recognize your android phone and it should display it in the left hand navigation of Double twist software in your PC.

11. Click on the checkbox next to “Music” in the main navigation screen to sync all music in your library. You can also sync only selected playlists by clicking on “Choose playlists”.

12. Click “Sync” to begin the sync process.

13. Do not disconnect the usb connection while it syncs.

14. Once it is over, you can find the synced music list by clicking on “Music” under the device in the left hand navigation.

15. Now open your Double twist player app on your android.

16. You can find the synced music and playlists appears in the player.

This steps are generally by connecting your usb cable and sync them everytime. If you want to sync the process wirelessly without cable over WiFi, then you need to get the premium version of Double twist app for android called ‘Air sync‘. It will set up automatic syncing via Wi-Fi.