IPv6 technology to rename internet

An illustration of an example IPv6 address

An illustration of an example IPv6 address (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all using internet and it’s various services every day. But when talking about your identity on web, you may be confused. You are aware about your PC’s (Or other device through which you are accessing internet) Yeah it is called IP Addresses, Internet Protocol Addresses. Each and every internet accessing gadget has its own and specific IP Address which also being used for tracking you. You may have noticed or not, June 6 2012 was a great day in the history because ultimate service had acquired one of its major improvements. The improvement is called IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) which is the latest version of Internet Protocol Addresses.

IPv6 technology to rename internet

IPv6 technology to rename internet

IPv6 is a brand new Networking Technology which has capability to provide about 340 trillion trillion trillion IP Addresses.  At this time of increasing internet devices, it is very much required. And so, each and every internet accessing device can get it’s unique and public IPs through this new technology. In the existing IPv4 technology, a very small number of IP addresses are supported. Since IPs are specialized for each region of world, most of countries has reported that they are about to face IP Address crisis. Through introduction and activation of IPv6, these problems will be solved.

Web Service Providers, Internet Service Providers has shifted to this technology. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the one who is promoting this brand new technology. Currently our PC’s IP Address has a length of 10 Digits. By the complete activation of IPv6, IP Addresses length will be extended upto 100 digits. So the world can have a huge number of IP addresses for each device and no crisis will be there soon. If we are using IPv6, even if a person is having 10 Internet Accessing Gadgets, there will be a huge number of IP Address varieties. So the rest will be preserved for next generation’s internet users.

Tri Nguyen, a representative of ZyXel, says: “All devices will be accessible on the public network, making it easier for people to manage things like home automation, file sharing, online gaming, peer-to-peer programs and other applications without complex settings on their router.” He also added that there are some features in IPv6 which provides more security than IPv4. This new technology can also prevent packet spoofing. Through IPv6, users/service providers can confirm that the traffic is reaching at the correct destination with no interception. So all over, it is much better to shift to the new IPv6. As per the comments of Tri Nguyen, IPv6 also accelerates data transmission by the efficiency while handling data packets.

IPv6 technology

IPv6 technology

International Agencies says that they can complete this shifting from IPv4 to IPv6 will be done in 2 years. And both IPv6 and IPv4 will be working smoothly. Agencies also aim 1% of global internet users to be using IPv6 technology in this month. Majority of technology and web giants like Microsoft,Google, Cisco, Yahoo, FacebookYouTube etc. has made their move to IPv6. IPv6 will also open a great pool of variety domain names. So you can expect .google and .youtube domains soon. And when all devices are capable of IPv6 Networking Technology, it will bring a better internet with more security and features.

But still, there is a persisting problem. Most of the current internet devices are not able to move with IPv6. And so it may take a while to distribute IPv6 in global level  Since IPv6 is compatible with IPv4, you may not need a sudden shift .  IPv6 is very much important in the case of India since majority of available IP Addresses is now consumed by huge Indian population and facing an IP Address crisis. So let us hope for IPv6 and its awesome features soon. If you want to know more about this, you May go to their Official Homepage.